The Online Bone Reconstruction Course

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This course is more than 10 hours of interactive experience for dentist and oral surgeon wanting to improve their skills in autogenous bone grafting procedures and soft tissue management.

Bone atrophies are one of the most challenging situations in modern implantology, many reconstructive techniques have been described to face this situation.
dehiscence, graft exposure, infection of the augmented site and bone resorption are some of the main complications of bone grafting procedures.

This course will show the how-to of every technique, destined to all those practitioners willing to upgrade their skills in bone augmentation procedures following the principles of Prof. Fouad Khoury

This experience will allow the participants to return to their practice more confident and capable to solve new situations in their daily practice.


Program: 4 Modules

Soft Tissue management


  • Modified Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty
  • Free gingival graft
  • Rotated palatal flap
  • Tunnel approach
  • 2nd Stage Surgery
  • Questions


Titanium Mesh Management


  • Classical Ti Meshes
  • New concepts of Titanium Meshes
  • Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)
  • Horizontal Augmentation with Ti Mesh
  • Vertical Augmentation with Ti Mesh
  • Complications
  • Questions


Bone I


  • Bone Biology
  • How to harvest a bone block: Step by Step
  • Prof Fouad Khoury Technique
  • Split the bone block
  • Management of the Thin Bone Blades
  • Horizontal Bone augmentations
  • Questions

Bone II


  • Vertical Bone Augmentation
  • Management of complex cases
  • Big bone Defects: Located in every site of the oral cavity
  • Nerve lateralization combined with Khoury
  • Khoury + Ti Mesh: New approach
  • Complications
  • Questions

Live Commented Surgery: May 16th at 4pm (GMT-4) New York time


  • Vertical Bone Augmentation
  • Posterior mandible
  • Live commented
  • Open Discuss with the group


4 Ebooks


The 4 eBooks with the tips are available right in each lesson, we recommend you to read them after the course.

Why right after and not before?

The ebooks contains many answers of the cases that you will be seeing in the course so if you read the ebook before… you are going to know all the answers and we won’t be able to make you “think – learn – remember” which is our main goal.

So in order to maximize your learning we prefer to read the ebooks the last day of the course


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