Learn Fouad Khoury Technique and
Bone Reconstruction Procedures

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June 26-27-28-29 2024 Places available


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Course features

  • 4-Day Intensive Course
  • Enterily in English
  • Full day Hands on in Human Cadaver 
  • You will learn the technique of Fouad Khoury step by step. Protocols for success.
  • Harvesting the bone block and fixing the graft.
  • Live Reconstructive Surgery
  • Different advanced approaches to ensure closure: tunnels, circumvestibular approaches, etc.
  • Reduce your bone exposures to zero.
  • Our tips of each technique
  • Soft tissue management in Reconstructive Surgery: vestibuloplasties, free grafts and flaps
  • Alternatives: lateralization of the alveolar nerve
  • New Concepts in Titanium Meshes
  • Complications: How to Manage them.

Specialize in
Reconstructive Surgery

Learn Fouad Khoury Technique – Split Bone Block Technique and other Bone Reconstruction Advanced procedures in this intensive Course.

Learning the how-to of the most advanced bone grafting techniques and at the same time the soft tissue management nowadays is a must in modern implantology.

You will learn:

✅ How to do it in class: Every Tip and Trick

✅ You will practice it in the best hands-on possible: Human Cadaver

✅ You will see how we perform it on a Live Surgery

Solve even the most complex cases in your daily clinic.

Be safer and Improve your confidence.

Can you imagine being sure that 4 months after your bone regeneration procedure, when you reenter to place your implants, your reconstruction is a success?

More reliable, safe and predictable regenerations.

Greater patient satisfaction, fewer complications and less headaches.

Get rid of those bad times of infections, exposures, anger and doubts.

Learn Fouad Khoury Technique and other Bone Reconstruction Procedures!

We have already walked that path, and  now we can offer you some full protocols, step by step, so that you can incorporate them immediately into your daily practice and achieve outstanding results from the very first moment.

Your reliable, safe and predictable surgeries


The combination and management of the autologous bone and these advanced reconstructive techniques ensure results with fewer complications and stable    long-term results. .

Solidity, Safety and Predictability will be the 3 pillars that will give you confidence in your treatments and take your surgery to the next level.

What is the Khoury Technique?

Also called the – Split Bone Block Technique ⬇️

Check our video and find out!

In the course we will teach you Step by Step how to harvest a bone block and how to design the bone graft following Prof Fouad Khoury principles.

If you want to continue watching our videos go to our YouTube Channel!


  • Place: Madrid – Spain
  • Dates: June 26-27-28-29 2024 Places available
  • Hours: Wed-Fri: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm. Saturday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm
  • Small groups
  • Make your reservation today for 1800 €
  • Final payment: 3000€

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Are there cases you don’t know how to treat?

Does fear to failure, complications, or even losing control of your treatment, make you nervous?


We have also been through all these awful situations, including high rate of complications, demanding patients, and many hours of our sleep thinking about a patient’s complication.


Is it difficult to face such painful situations for you and your patient?

We know that after almost a year of treatment, having to explain to your patient that you need to start all over again, is not an easy situation.

And many times you even have to take care of the expenses of this second procedure.


Our professional career begins in Madrid, after graduating in Dentistry in this city, we continued our development in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgerydepartment of the Hospital of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) where we did our Master in Oral Surgery and Implantology.

Since then, and for more than 10 years, we have been dedicated exclusively to Oral Implantology and Bone reconstruction, including  soft tissue magement.

Part of our profesional practice is dedicated to training advanced techniques in Reconstructive Surgery to our dental colleagues. We have proudly collaborated giving lectures, talks and courses in different universities, countries and scientific societies.

International Publications


After several years working exclusively in Bone Reconstruction our team published:

  • In The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial JOMS an article about 50 cases of vertical reconstructions in jaw with up to 5 years of follow-up:

“Reconstruction of mandibular vertical defects for dental implants with autogenous bone block grafts using a tunnel approach: clinical study of 50 cases.”


  • In The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants JOMI an article of a number of cases of severe defects in maxilla:

“Calvarial bone grafting for three-dimensional reconstruction of severe maxillary defects: A Case Series”


Course Opinions

Lluis Vallverdu
Mónblanc Dental Clinic

“For not repeating myself too much, just thank you for your generosity in explaining EVERYTHING you do, tricks and shortcuts, techniques and material!. You let us into the kitchen, as if we were part of the family. Close and tireless…”

Yasser Chaib

“Amazing course, 100 recommended. It contributes a lot professionally. Clinical-oriented theory and top practices. Thanks a lot!!

José María Aguado Gil


“It’s been a brilliant course, surrounded by top people, from which I’ve learned a lot. It’s nice to see such good professional people. Congratulations of course to the whole team and thank you!!”

Albert Ferron Alonso


“A spectacular course in all aspects !! and some great professionals, thank you for making me enjoy oral surgery.”

Natalia Crespo

“Thank you for taking a course of such quality, and also close and enjoyable. And encourage more women to do it !!! ?

Pedro Caballero Guerrero

“It’s been great!
A very pleasant experience. Repeat! See you at the alumni meeting!”

Some of the more than 20 courses already!

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