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New dates for The Bone Reconstruction Course
in the USA 🇺🇸


  • Learn how to fix every case
  • Khoury technique step by step
  • When: July 12-13-14th 2024
  • Where: Denver – CO
  • 21 CE Credits


4 months later

Course in Reconstructive Surgery in Human Cadaver
Madrid - Spain

Join us! 

  • Fouad Khoury Technique - Split Bone Block Technique

  • 4-Day Intensive Course

  • Practices in Human cadaver

  • Live  surgery

  • Place: Madrid - Spain

  • Full English Course 🇬🇧

  • Next dates: June 26-27-28-29 2024


If you are looking for training in implantology with patients…
Take your Dental Implant Education to the Next Level
with our Advanced Implant Training program

Next Courses / Conferences



    • 🇪🇸 España Enero 31-1-2-3 Madrid
      Curso en cirugía reconstructiva
      Enlace a información (Spanish version)
    • 🇺🇸 USA Jan 18-19 Denver – Colorado
      Lecture in Rocky Mountain  Dental Convention Congress.
      Link to info
    • 🇺🇸 USA Feb 16-17-18th Denver – Colorado
      Course in Bone reconstruction
      Link to info (English)
    • 🇪🇸 España Febrero 27-28-29-1 Madrid
      Curso en Implantología con pacientes.
      Enlace para info
      Curso lleno
    • 🇧🇷 Brazil March 11-12-13-14-15 Rio de Janeiro
      Live training implant course
      Info Here
      Sold out
    • 🇦🇷 Argentina Mayo  20-21-22-23-24 Buenos Aires
      Live training implant course
      Info Here
      Sold out
    • 🇪🇸 España Junio 4-5-6-7 Madrid
      Curso en Implantología con pacientes.
      Enlace para info
      Curso lleno
    • 🇻🇪 Venezuela Junio 14-15 Margarita Congreso de Cirugía buco-maxilofacial,
      Ponencia y curso en cirugía reconstructiva
    • 🇪🇸 Spain June 26-27-28-29 2024 Madrid (English 🇺🇸)
      Course in Bone reconstruction with Cadaver hands on.
      Link to info
      Last Spots
    • 🇺🇸 USA July 12-13-14th Denver – Colorado
      Course in Bone reconstruction
      Link to info (English)
      Last Spots
    • 🇲🇽 México Octubre 3-4-5 Ciudad de México
      Curso en cirugía reconstructiva
      Link to Whatsapp for info

    • 🇺🇸 USA November 1-2-23rd Denver – Colorado
      Course in Bone reconstruction.
      Link to info (English)
      Spots available

    • 🇦🇷 Argentina Nov 25-29th Buenos Aires (English 🇺🇸)
      Live training implant course
      Info Here
      Spots available

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“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

Derek Bok

Current Situation of Implantology

The success criteria that we used to apply since a few years ago, has become obsolete when talking about modern implantology.

Today, to perform a  safe, predictable and stable implantology,
it is mandatory to have a very solid and specialized training of all the different  stages that involve an implant treatment plan.

Answering to this current need of our patients we offer you a very high quality training program in Implantology and Oral Surgery. This will program will allow the participant to improve his skills and confidence even in when facing complex cases.

Online Training Program in Modern Implantology

Get predictable results in you Bone Grafting procedures Today

We share with the participants all of our full protocols, step by step, to lead you to succeed in Bone Regeneration Techniques in your daily day practice.

That’s why We have taken The Bone Reconstruction Course straight to you.

This is a unique Course, for the very first time you have a live online course, explaining in detail all the techniques and advanced protocols we use in bone regeneration.

Free Webinar

On the right side,  you can find a Webinar that we think may be interesting for you. Treatment of  4 vertical defects in all diferent areas of the oral cavity:

  • Anterior Maxilla
  • Posterior Maxilla
  • Anterior Mandible
  • Posterior Mandible.

    We hope you like it!
  • Webinar Why does autogenous bone get resorbed?

  • Webinar: Bone Graft Biology. A must for implant dentistry!

  • Webinar: Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty. A safe and predictable treatment

  • Webinar: Modern Titanium Meshes in Oral Implantology. New Concepts

  • Webinar: Rotated Palatal Flap in Implantology

  • Webinar: Safe and Predictable Bone Block Harvesting

  • Webinar: Severe Bone Defects in Oral Implantology, Daily Challenging cases

  • Webinar: Soft tissue management in the Second Stage Surgery


All 8 Webinars
in a Single Pack

Severe Defects
Titanium Meshes
Bone Graft Biology
Rotated Palatal Flap
Bone Block Harvesting
Kazanjian Vestibuloplasty
2nd Stage Surgery Management
Why Autogenous gets Resorption