Course in Clinical Implantology


Dentistry in general and implantology in particular have evolved dramatically in recent years.

Implantology has become such a normal and common treatment in the day to day that a clinic is not conceived that does not provide this service.

Fortunately Implantology is no longer only available to a few but thanks to new connections, non-invasive safe protocols and the digitization of consultations, implantological treatments can be carried out in a simple way in the vast majority of patients.

Introduction to Course in Clinical Implantology

We present a course that comprises 4 theoretical-practical modules

and in which we will address every part of the process

of placing implants from the simplest implant to rehabilitations on multiple implants.

We will see the handling of both the prosthesis and the soft tissue, so fundamental to the good prognosis of the case.

We will provide you with a number of key

protocols for success in daily implantology.

Our team of specialists with extensive experience in your field and teaching will guide you through the entire process of implant placement and rehabilitation.

From the study and careful diagnosis of the case to the completion of the case, providing you with a series of protocols that will allow you to function in this world of implantology that is so booming today, in a predictable and safeway.


We are Juan Lara Chao and Jose Luis Dominguez-Mompell. Our Path professional starts in Madrid, after graduating from Dentistry in this city, where we hold the Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology in the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Alcalá de Henares Hospital.

Since then and for more than 10 years we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to Implantology and Bone Reconstruction and Soft Tissues as well as the training of Advanced Techniques in Reconstructive Surgery, giving lectures, talks and courses in different universities and countries.

Our Team

DL Oral Academy Surgery is a group of highly specialized colleagues with an exclusive dedication in implantology. All of them have proven experience at the teacher level national and international universities and congresses. congresos

For this reason, it can offer a training of the highest level. We believe that explaining each treatment step by step, how and why of each of them, is essential to make it easy and possible to take it to your daily clinic.
paso a paso cómo y el por qué fundamental fácil y posible



What will you learn?

The Clinical Implantology of 90 cases

  1. Diagnose and develop an implantological treatment plan
  2. Read and interpret radiological tests
  3. Placing implants in a safe and predictable way
  4. Handling soft tissue in implantology
  5. Post-extraction and immediate loading implantology
  6. Prosthetics in implantology
  7. Managing Complications in Implantology

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Course features

  • Course in Implantology of 4 modules
  • You’ll learn Implantology step by step
  • Diagnose, plan and execute most cases
  • Post-extraction implants with a defined protocol
  • Soft tissue management blandos in Implantology
  • You’ll learn how to do the prosthesis and its phases
  • Internships in biomodels and animal model
  • Venue: Madrid
  • Dates: to be determined
  • Hours: V: 9.00-19.00 Saturday 9.00-17.30
  • Small groups

Opinions of our courses

Lluis Vallverdu
Mónblanc Dental Clinic

“For not repeating myself too much, just thank you for your generosity in explaining EVERYTHING you do, tricks and shortcuts, techniques and material!. You let us into the kitchen, as if we were part of the family. Close and tireless…”

Yasser Chaib

“Amazing course, 100 recommended. It contributes a lot professionally. Clinical-oriented theory and top practices. Thanks a lot!!

José María Aguado Gil


“It’s been a brilliant course, surrounded by top people, from which I’ve learned a lot. It’s nice to see such good professional people. Congratulations of course to the whole team and thank you!!”

Albert Ferron Alonso


“A spectacular course in all aspects !! and some great professionals, thank you for making me enjoy oral surgery.”

Natalia Crespo

“Thank you for taking a course of such quality, and also close and enjoyable. And encourage more women to do it !!! ?

Pedro Caballero Guerrero

“It’s been great!
A very pleasant experience. Repeat! See you at the alumni meeting!”

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